Take time to create!

I don’t have much time to make art for myself during the regular school year. Despite a packed schedule with camps and lessons over the last few months, though… I have pushed myself to set aside the time to create this summer!
One of the best creative moments this summer was during our trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC.
It’s been almost 8 years since we were here. My girls were much younger then and my son hadn’t even been born. This year’s trip was a much needed rest after an unbelievably busy summer.
Having no regimented schedule of activities on our vacation has allowed me to draw and paint fairly consistently. I am so inspired by my beach surroundings! There’s something to be said for slowing down. I have less of a creative block when unplugged. It’s important to disconnect, dream, and think without the constant disruptions we face everyday.
Each morning this week, my coffee and I took a travel watercolor palette and water brushes out onto the front deck of our hOuse, where I painted random sky and beach-themed scenes. I like them each as individual compositions, but am also interested in possibly disassembling them for watercolor cut paper collage.
My goal for the second half of this year is to take more moments to create each day. This doesn’t have to look like a fully completed piece each time. A 10-minute sketch or mini-painting will do. You can do the same!
Get some ideas down on paper for later or just render a few doodles that don’t necessarily have an end result. Don’t pressure yourself and keep it easy. You’ll be glad you did!
Ocean Isle Porch Studies
August 2023
Windsor & Newton pro pan watercolors
Derwent water brushes
Blick hot press watercolor paper
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