3, 2, 1... Launch!

It's official! Splott Studio has its very own web site! If you haven't had a chance to take a breeze through, definitely do so. We've added a few new things, including: a bigger, better photo gallery, SUMMER CAMPS (YAYYY!) and this nifty blog where I'm going to (attempt–HA!) write some cool stuff about the studio.

In addition, look for some tutorials, tips, new techniques, and maybe a few fun projects + challenges that only Splott Studio can offer!

If you're new to Splott Studio, well, I'm glad you stopped by!
Here's a little about us...

Splott Studio is an Art Studio based in downtown Hudson, Ohio right in from of Evaporator Works and just down a hop from the Hudson Post Office. At Splott Studio we have lovely offering of Art Classes, Specialty Workshops, Birthday Parties, and Community Events for KIDS WHO LOVE ART!!! Each of the Splott Studio offerings are taught by me—Miss Mindy (aka. Miss M)! You'll also see my girls, Zoey and Ava, helping out around the studio. 

Splott Studio has classes for all levels. Whether you're new to art and just want to have fun or you're a serious art student looking to advance your current skills... we've got something for you. 

Our students develop a broader understanding of art fundamentals, individual creativity & conceptual artistic expression through a large variety of materials, techniques and projects that challenge + inspire.

Splott Studio has single classes, 4 or 6-week sessions or 1–2 hour workshops, parties and individual/private lessons.

If you're interested in additional details or just have a few questions,
feel free to drop me a line!

See you in the studio!

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